Romapada Swami Lecture on “Krishna is Everywhere” SB 7.4.22

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Classes and Bhajans
Romapada Swami Lecture on "Krishna is Everywhere" SB 7.4.22
Romapada Swami Lecture on "Krishna is Everywhere" SB 7.4.22

Romapada Swami gave a lecture on how Krishna is everywhere. The verse is Srimad Bhagavatam 7.4.22 and 23.

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Dallas, TX


“Let us offer our respectful obeisances unto that direction where the Supreme Personality of Godhead is situated, where those purified souls in the renounced order of life, the great saintly persons, go, and from which, having gone, they never return.” Without sleep, fully controlling their minds, and living on only their breath, the predominating deities of the various planets began worshiping Hrishikesa with this meditation.


The two words tasyai kashthayai are very significant. Everywhere, in every direction, in every heart and in every atom, the Supreme Personality of Godhead is situated in His features as Brahman and Paramatma. Then what is the purpose of saying tasyai kashthayai — “in that direction where Hari is situated?” During Hiranyakasipu’s time, his influence was everywhere, but he could not force his influence into the places where the Supreme Personality of Godhead had His pastimes. For example, on this earth there are such places as Vrindavana and Ayodhya, which are called dhamas. In the dhama, there is no influence from Kali-yuga or any demon. If one takes shelter of such a dhama, worship of the Lord becomes very easy, and resultant spiritual advancement quickly takes place. In fact, in India one may still go to Vrindavana and similar places to achieve the results of spiritual activities quickly.